Like most women today, I wear a lot of different hats.  I'm a wife, a mother, a writer, a
healer and a mystic, and I speak out for those who have no voice in today's society, like

My fantastic family lives on a ranch.  We're shifting the way we exist to one in harmony
with nature and the Earth- we practice organic sustainable agriculture, have a lot of
animals (most of them rescues), and renewable power sources.  We recognize that
humanity as a whole is being asked to change how we think and feel about ourselves,
each other, the food we eat, and the world we live in. Nothing is wasted and everything
has an important and honored place in our micro-community.

When I write, I write from the heart.  I don't have the time or energy to write any other way!  
I see a lot of important things going unmentioned in the media, important topics that are
being sidelined.  I'm growing increasingly irritated by our American government. I pay
taxes and feel ripped off.  Where IS my money going? We're fighting wars at home and
abroad that we simply can't win, billions to bail out banks when friends are losing their
jobs and their homes.  

Many in Congress and government believe we're living in the "end times", that some
savior is going to return and lift the faithful out of this mess we've created.  These
legislators see no reason to fix the problems because after all, they're about to ascend in
the Rapture.  Personally, I see no need for CONGRESS, the whole concept of
representatives was created when the butcher and the baker and the candlestick maker
couldn't travel to Washington to voice their opinions.  We have technology like the
Internet- why can't WE vote on bills that impact OUR lives?

Why do religious institutions amass untold wealth while many of their followers suffer
from malnutrition and lack of proper shelter?  Why do financial institutions and
pharmaceutical companies have a strangle-hold on our governments and practice fear
mongering (like the banking crisis and swine flu fiasco) just to increase their profits? I'm
here for the revolution, and I'm not alone. Sooner or later there will be enough of us-
people will be pushed to the point that the dramatic change that is required globally will
come about.  In the meantime, I'm changing myself, the way I do things, the traditions I've
been a slave to that don't serve me any longer.

We're all in this together.  Despite the illusion of separation and the tradition of "us
against them" that is reinforced in the media, in religion, in government- despite the
isolation many of us feel- despite the powerlessness that we're taught from infancy- we
are powerful individuals and we're here at this critical time of history for a reason.  And
I'm excited! More and more I'm hearing from people worldwide who are looking for ways
to change, to improve their lives and the lives of their children, to live more honestly and
in integrity because they also recognize the old ways aren't working any more.  
The Great
Transformation Project is designed to encourage and support these wonderful people...