The Great Transformation Project came out of a conversation I had with my soul sister,
Andrea MacDonald of
MacDonald Media.  We agreed that the world is in a time of critical
change.  We talked about the 2012 phenomenon, how many ancient societies pointed at
that date as the end of the world
as we know it, and that maybe this was an opportunity
for positive change instead of Armageddon.  We decided there was a need for a virtual
community that supported people who are shifting from the old into an new

We see this time of change as a chance to return to the heart on an individual and global
level, a return to a life in harmony with the wisdom and empowerment that lives in each
and every one of us.  We wanted to create a place where people could go to find others
who are living their purpose, and contributing to the whole from the heart, an alternative
to the gloom and doom that seems to be everywhere.

The Great Transformation Project is a virtual healing center, with resources in areas that
promote healing of self, family and the Earth- the type of information that supports a
return to the heart.  Many people feel like they don't fit into mainstream society- and our
healing center is a rapidly growing, dynamic community of independent free-thinkers.  
For example, we have rooms dedicated to healing, (body mind and soul), organic
gardening, rooms for our animal friends, for children, for women only, for men only, and
we have members that include massage therapists, musicians, teachers, chiropractors,
mediums and yoga teachers, just to name a few.  Membership is free.

The Great Transformation Project is a Call To Action: To collectively transform fearful
living into passion for life by assisting without judgment, supporting without directing
each individual’s return to the heart, and by inspiring a group expression of this new way
of being which honors all individual pathways and processes.

Why we’re doing it: The Mayans, the Tibetans, Egyptians, Cherokee, Hopi and others all
based their calendars on a 26,000 year cycle. Our year 2012 was marked by these
cultures as the end of an age and the beginning of a new galactic cycle. Profound
changes are occurring.  Seemingly unrelated topics like natural disasters, war, economic
collapse, climate change, emerging viruses and remarkable children are actually all
intertwined throughout this exciting concept of the birth of a new reality.
The Great Transformation Project is a virtual community dedicated to supporting people
during this change, not by dictating what to do or how to live, but by encouraging and
providing a way to connect with others who are making this shift on a conscious level.
Given that we all create our own reality, this is also a forum to share thoughts and ideas
about the shift, a virtual roundtable where we can discuss what we want to create in our
group reality. We also provide access to a constantly evolving, searchable library of
information, people and products to assist people in shifting.

This age of transition is a golden opportunity for everyone on the planet to make a
quantum leap in consciousness. Are you willing to release limiting beliefs that no longer
serve you? Are you committed to living your life to the fullest? Do you know that you are
here, on the planet, to make a positive difference during this great transformation? Do
want to answer yes to these questions?  Then join us!
Andrea & I in New Mexico - when the Great
Transformation Project was born.